OBVM Project Data Retrieval and Upload System

Help Uploading Data

Data uploading is enabled only when you are logged into the system. Once logged in, you will see a link to the upload data page in the menu on the left. On the upload data page, select the project and batch you are uploading data for, then browse to the separate centerpoint and quadrat data files on your local PC, and click the Upload button.

The format of the file should be comma-separated values (CSV). Text fields should be enclosed in quote marks so that the system can distinguish commas that are part of the text from commas that are used to separate values. Examples of the files are available below.

These examples are only provided to give you a general understanding of the structure of the files, and the actual data elements to be included vary from project to project. Refer to the project data requirements for more detailed instructions on the data elements to be included in the file. To find the project data requirements, select the project from your project list (available from the Projects-->My Projects menu choice when you are logged onto the system, or from the Active Projects list), then follow the links to Required Attributes and Data Dictionary pages.